Crayvit Basics

What is Crayvit?

People inspire and unite to fulfill wishes and goals. That’s the foundation of Crayvit, where friends chip in to find, share and buy items for organizations, groups, or individuals.

Our crowd-funding platform offers the ultimate social commerce experience:

Crayv™ – Choose a product for any reason or occasion, and share your goal

Chip In – Inspire your friends, family and community to chip in to buy your item

Collect – When you reach your goal, we ship your item

Who is eligible to start a Crayv?

Anyone can start a Crayv, but we have rules in place to protect children under 18 years old. Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

How do I sign up?

To sign up you must first crayv an item or chip in to a friend. Create a new account using Facebook or email and verify your account using the link sent to you. You cannot receive contributions until you are verified.

What is included in the price of a Crayv?

The full price of a Crayv includes the retail price plus taxes, shipping and handling.

What are the fees?

Crayvit charges a one-time card processing fee for chipping in. We waive the fee when you chip in more than $10.

How do I deactivate my account?

Please contact us at to deactivate your account.

Crayver Questions

What is a Crayv?

A Crayv is any retail product or service that you need or want, any time, for any purpose. Is it your birthday or wedding? Are you hosting a tailgating party? Does your school band need new instruments? Does your community center need computers? It’s not just a gift. It’s your goal!

How do I start a Crayv?

Find and select an item from our shop:

Crayvit offers millions of trending products from popular brands. Pick your favorite category, brand, sports team or college, or create a special list of items Just For You. Use the search bar to find something specific, or paste a link to any item or public wishlist from Amazon. Once you find a product, click the “Crayvit” button to start your crayv!

Inspire friends to chip in:

Post why you crayv the item, the quantity, and when you want it. Click the Share button to tell your friends, family and community about your goal using social media, text message, or email.

How is a crayv completed?

Your Crayv will continue until the total list price of the item, plus taxes, shipping, and handling is collected. The progress bar on your Crayv page will help you monitor your goal. Once your Crayv is completed, we will send the item to you (we do not offer cash transfers).

What should I do if I have trouble completing my Crayv?

If you have trouble completing your crayv, you can chip in, share it, extend the deadline, or change it to another item. Be sure to share often! You are not legally obligated to complete your crayv, but you are responsible for all fundraising associated with it. Crayvit makes no guarantees about the likelihood of completing a crayv.

Can a crayv be cancelled?

You can change your crayv to any other item at any time before it is complete. Your existing contributions will transfer automatically to the new item. Crayvit may cancel or suspend a crayv campaign at any time without notice if it violates our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

Contributor Questions

How do I chip in?

Chip in $1 or more by clicking “Chip In” on any Crayv page.

Can I see who has chipped in?

All crayvs are public. You can see who has chipped in to any crayv by reviewing your notifications and comments. We never share your personal information or credit card information with other users..

When is my card charged?

You are charged the full contribution amount plus a card processing fee when you chip in or buy an item.

Can I change my contribution?

You cannot change or cancel a contribution once it has been submitted. Once you chip in, you cannot get your contribution back. All contributions are final and represent cash to be used at the crayver’s discretion to purchase any item on our system. Crayvit does not offer refunds if a Crayv is changed or unfulfilled.

How do I know if a Crayver is who they claim they are?

We only verify a user’s email address when they sign up. We do not independently verify users’ legal identity. For your security, we do not allow unverified users to recieve contributuons. Please take care when chipping in to people that you do not recognize.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

You should consult a tax professional to determine if your contribution is tax deductible.

Can people outside the US chip in to a Crayv?

All contributions are denominated in US dollars. We can accept international payments via PayPal, however we only ship in the domestic US.

If you couldn’t find an answer to your question, please email us at